AI and Planting Potatoes on Mars

One day during our family dinner, my little daughter asked me “What is your dream?” “I am an ‘old man’, but I still have my own dreams. My dream is to be a farmer.” Then my little girl said to me “You are in the Artificial Intelligent (AI) Industry, why do you want to be farmer?”. “I would like to be a farmer on MARS. And plant potatoes on MARS!!!” 
Sooner or later, the resources on earth will be exhausted while the human population explodes. The future of human beings is not only on Earth but also on other planets in the solar system. Earth is our home, sweet home, just like Hawaii with sunshine, seashore, sand, warm weather, mild wild, beautiful plants, sunset, delicious food, wild animals, and maybe dinosaurs??? A perfect place for vacation.
Can humans achieve this by ourselves? Definitely not. We need AI to help us explore. Just like our ancestors explored the world centuries ago. People think AI will replace humans’ jobs, causing high unemployment rate (scary). But AI will actually help humans explore lots of things humans cannot do. That is the actual usage of AI, which will be the pioneer of human’s space explorations.
So, to make my dream come true, I will work hard in AI development so that one day I can plant potatoes (with my son, my daughter, and AI’s help) on MARS.