Experiencing Automation Debt? It's Time For Reconciliation.

The enterprise use of automation continues its meteoric rise across the nation. In fact, a survey commissioned by UiPath Inc. found that 83% of U.S. executives say their companies currently invest in and/or use automation or AI tools. While this percentage is impressive, the reality is that many companies are failing to get the most out of their automation investmentand as a result are experiencing something called automation debt.  

What exactly is automation debt? One aspect of automation debt is when a company has unidentified, unutilized, or under-utilized opportunities to automate, even after a significant automation investment. Some companies may not be entirely aware of their automation debt. Other companies are well aware, yet aren’t sure how to properly expand/apply their automation. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as the lack of a proper automation strategy, redundant business practices, as well as poor communication between employees and management. Regardless of the reason, the harsh reality is that automation debt puts your organization at a competitive disadvantage. Failing to capitalize on your automation potential means that you will not scale as quickly or efficiently as other businesses that have minimized or eradicated their automation debt. Ultimately, this hurts your companies’ automation ROI and leaves you behind the digital eight ball. 

The good news: As with any debt, the solution is reconciliation. In other words, maximizing your automation investment to yield true ROI and competitive edge. What’s needed is expert reconciliation, AKA automation debt relief. At Singularity Systems, our purpose is to help you solve this very problem. Our AI Platform, SingularityAI, allows companies to automate a variety of daily tasks with ease. Such tasks include loan origination, insurance claims, resume processing, invoice processing, loss run reporting, commercial contract analysis, and more. Further, our AI can be applied to a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy, education and manufacturing. In this respect, companies are given the chance to automate parts of the processes that were not previously automated.  

Moreover, SingularityAI allows you to maximize the impact of your technology investment. For instance, many companies find that utilizing RPA alone to achieve their automation goals is falling short. RPA, by and large, is not end-to-end automation. Rather, it typically performs simple and repetitive tasks like ‘copy-and-paste’. Its functionality remains locked in the robotic as the software continues to rely heavily on its human counterpart. The missing component for real digital transformation is the intelligence. The good news is, our system seamlessly integrates with existing RPA platforms as well as almost any other upstream or downstream application. Further, our platform delivers the true intelligence that’s missing in today’s RPA, as it is self-training and adapting, providing real-time interaction between the human (any human) and the AI. 

All in all, if your company’s automation goals are falling short and you’re not getting the most out of your AI investments, SingularityAI is here to provide automation debt relief. Through SingularityAI, the promise of true automation is delivered– freeing your employees from the menial, allowing your organization to achieve its full potential and competitive edge. 

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