Long & Short

What does it mean for something to be “long” or “short”? Someone once  told me that “long” is to buy bitcoin and “short” is to sell it.
The universe has existed for over 13.77 billion years and may continue to exist for hundreds of billions more (maybe even forever). In this long river, how long can we swim? Let’s say out of these hundreds of billion of years we are lucky enough to survive a lifetime of 99 years. That is equal to 0.00000000099, a very tiny distance in this long river, but not as short as what I’ve imagined; in this world, it is enough for one person in his/her lifetime to achieve something great. While a human’s lifespan is short, nothing can stop us from shining bright with glory.

Last weekend, a friend of mine helped me fix my garage door. After he had finished, I asked him how long he thought the garage door would last. He answered, “It will last 50 years. What will you be doing in 50 years?” I chuckled and responded, “You should ask what my children will be doing in 50 years, for I will no longer be here then”. 

50 years is too long, Singularity, let’s have a good contribution to this world today. Life may be short but we can still fill it with passion and glory.