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Save 80% costs, Achieve 90%+ STP

One of the obstacles standing between meaningful value and lackluster results is the true level of automation delivered. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is key to unlocking hidden value in documents/images while enabling end-to-end automation and digital transformation.

At Singularity, we not only make building machine-learning models easy and accessible, we also deliver untouchable results. With SinguAI, customers can tackle complex automation use cases (e.g. classifying and extracting data from long, variable, unstructured documents) and achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing. 

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SinguAI, Your real-time AI

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The Only Real-Time AI Solution in the Market

Our Platform Advantages

We empower business users to build highly accurate models with small sample sizes, delivering value in days rather than months. The platform is self-training and adapting, providing real time interaction between the human and AI. Unlike other systems where there is no way to adapt to new data once the model for a particular document type is built, Singu̇AI never stops learning.  Data is ever-evolving and Singu̇AI continually learns to drive accuracy higher and higher.

Human & AI real-time interaction

Business users work with our AI side-by-side to teach the AI how to process a given type of business document. The AI learns, trains, and establishes its model in real-time.

fast iteration with small sample sizes

Business users can start with small amount of sample data to establish the Real-Time AI models in the matter of hours or days, allowing them to quickly validate their business use cases and make adjustments early.

No coding or data scientists required

Singu̇AI has AutoML fully embedded to enable supervised learning. The platform is designed to be operated by business users directly, without data scientists or programmers.

self-training & adapting

Our platform provides feedback to business users to verify questionable results or process new streams of data to keep up with the dynamic changes in the real-world data streams.

Frequently asked questions

Ask away. We have nothing to hide. 

In a nutshell, our solution is re-usable and scalable. General AI solutions fail when put into production due to the large variability in real-world data types, including but not limited to document length, quality, and layout.

Other customizable AI solutions take a whole team of data scientists and machine-learning engineers to build, and require large amounts of data, which is both expensive and time-consuming. Maintaining these models, then, or even trying to apply these models to other use cases, is an expensive and difficult feat.

SinguAI only requires a small sample of data to establish a functional, baseline model, and can therefore adapt rapidly to new data types. While it may take months to deliver value with other AI solutions, you only need a couple weeks with SinguAI.

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a rules-based system using pre-trained “bots” to carry out simple, repetitive tasks across applications (think copy-paste tasks or moving files from one location to another). 

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) enables the automation of data capture, classification, and extraction.

Together, RPA & IDP can be used to scale automation initiatives. IDP can extract and structure document-based data, and RPA can take the newly structured data and transfer it to the proper downstream systems for further analysis.

While you may hear IDP & OCR exchanged interchangeably, we can assure you that they are not the same.

OCR-based solutions are useful for data extraction from simple, structured documents. They are template and rules-based, meaning they cannot adapt to new data types; you would need massive amounts of data to train a new OCR model for that data variation, which is expensive, time-consuming, and unsustainable.  

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), on the other hand, is useful for not only extracting data, but also for  understanding it. The way humans read and understand documents, IDP can create insight, and detect context and sentiment from complex unstructured documents.

IDP is powered by machine-learning and can therefore adapt to changes in documents. The value comes from enabling straight-through processing and providing greater business insight, ROI, and contextual information.

Click here to learn more about the differences between IDP & OCR.

Yes, they can! Our mission here at Singularity is to make AI accessible to all, which is why we designed the platform for the average business analyst who has little-to-no technical experience. Our UI is simple and straightforward; users need only provide a small sample of labelled files to define model requirements, and our AI will take care of the rest.  Singularity aims to automate as much of the model building & training process as possible.

Our patented “Real-Time AI” is the only real-time AI technology in the market. Normally, it takes massive amounts of data to train a functional AI model that can process a desired document.

Our real-time AI technology is built into our SinguAI platform so that after labelling just one document, our AI learns and kicks in. This greatly reduces the work for the user in the building phase of model training, and is another reason why we enable faster time-to-market value.