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Security Specialist

Singularity Systems Inc. is an innovative AI company committed to transforming complex technologies into simple, accessible experiences for all. Our pending patented Real-Time AI framework, SinguAI, leverages Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to make AI scalable and affordable, solving many automation challenges faced by industries today. SinguAI enables customers to quickly build and deploy highly accurate models with no coding involved. Our SinguAI platform adds value by making data machine-consumable through Intelligent Document Processing, Intelligent Image Processing, and Predictive Analytics. Join us today as we create a better tomorrow.


In this role, you will engineer Security solutions that drive us to our goal of secure, highly scalable, reliable products and infrastructure services, through automation, optimization and driving efficiency of effort, code, and process. You will also resolve complex technical issues and push forward innovations that improve system security, while balancing availability, resilience, and performance.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Security best practices and technical implementation across cloud and on-premises software
  • Coding experience in one or more of Python, Golang, or Java languages
  • Knowledge in Kubernetes, Istio, Docker, Helm, and Terraform
  • Knowledge of AWS or other cloud platform
  • Experience with build, integration and deployment processes, source control and testing pipelines
  • Good knowledge of typical flavors of Linux used in the Public Cloud
  • Understanding of how to configure, deploy, manage, and maintain large cloud-hosted systems; including auto-scaling, monitoring, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery
  • Ability to debug and troubleshoot problems on distributed systems
  • Familiarity with best security and engineering practices around building high-performance, reliable, and scalable applications

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Deep Security knowledge spanning infrastructure, network, identity management and application security practices
  • Have worked with systems at scale that encompass many thousands of instances
  • Know the core concepts of Product Security Design and be able to create and drive cross-team Security solutions
We Provide:
  • Competitive salary/benefits/stock options
  • A dynamic working environment on fast-growth path together with the company
  • Diversified and tailored career paths

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to