SingularityAI: Unlocking Your Company’s Hidden Value

A Q&A with Tianhao Wu, Founder and CTO, and Adam Devine, Board Advisor

“It’s all about the ROI,” says Adam Devine, Board Advisor to Singularity Systems.  


ROI is key to the mission of Singularity Systems, which through their AI platform called SingularityAI, help enterprises transform their raw data into actionable insight. In a recent interview, Devine and Singularity co-founder Tianhao Wu discuss the founding of Singularity Systems, critical problems the company set out to solve, as well as how Singularity continues to stand out among other IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) vendors.

What’s missing from other IDP products? 


With other IDP vendor offerings, the customer does not save much in terms of time, cost and manual interaction. This leads to slow processes, productivity losses, costly and error-prone interventions, as well as employees being used for work that is of little value. “Customers still require a lot of resources to complete an AI project,” remarks Wu. “Our goal is to change that.” 

What problem does Singularity Systems aim to solve? 


“The goal is to solve the AI scalability problem,” says Wu. “Currently, it’s very hard for customers to do a massive amount of AI use cases.” However, SingularityAI has the unique capability to accurately train an AI model using less time and less samples than other IDP technology. Therefore, instead of putting in countless resources to solve merely one use case over a span of months, SingularityAI is capable of utilizing minimal resources to solve many use cases in a matter of weeks. This cost-effective approach helps customers save both time and money.

What’s the biggest advancement for customers made possible by SingularityAI? 


“Through the SingularityAI platform, companies can do the work of data scientists without the actual need for any. Therefore, SMEs (subject matter experts) can complete their daily tasks using AI model assistance… which will directly benefit their business,” says Wu. “So basically, giving business people the power of dozens of data scientists?” asks Devine. “Absolutely” replies Wu. 

What are some popular use cases in banking and insurance? 


“At Singularity, we can do both semi-structured data processing and unstructured data processing,” says Wu. Semi-structured data typically derives from forms, such as tax forms, logistics forms, vehicle certificates, etc. Unstructured data is commonly found on full text documents, such as contracts, deed documents, and financial reports. “In general, any data that a human can read, SingularityAI can handle,” remarks Wu. 

In short: Why choose Singularity? 


IDP is the next generation of automation- and SingularityAI is a mover and shaker in this field. With SingularityAI’s ability to process and transform data with minimal time, samples, money and labor; it not only saves companies from daily hassles, but also allows them to scale at an unprecedented rate. Things are changing fast, and to not understand the coming AI revolution is to risk your company getting left behind.  


Don’t get left behind.