Andromeda Supernovae
(S Andromedae)

Is a supernova related to Artificial Intelligence in any way? Is it related to Singularity?
Yes, of COURSE, it is!
“The Great Debate, also called the Shapley–Curtis Debate, was held on 26 April 1920 at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, between the astronomers Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis. It concerned the nature of so-called spiral nebulae and the size of the universe”. In 1920, the telescope was not as accurate as now. Astronomers were debating whether the milky way was the entire universe, or not. The focus was on some spiral shaped clouds. Whether they are inside the milky way galaxy, or outside it. One side gave evidence saying that these spiral shaped clouds CANNOT be another galaxy. One of their evidences is that a supernova appeared to have been seen on August 17, 1885, by French astronomer Ludovic Gully. This super star that is located inside the cloud briefly outshined the entire spiral shaped cloud. These astronomers argued that a single star cannot outshine the entire galaxy. Therefore, the spiral cloud must be inside the milky way.
Guess what happened?
Three years later (1923), Edwin Hubble proved that this cloud (Andromeda) is another galaxy outside the milky way. On August 17, 1885, Andromeda supernovae (a single star) actually outshined the entire Andromeda Galaxy!!!
What are we doing at Singularity? We are making massive AI usage available for galaxy wide customers. We are bringing AI robots from academic research into every people’s daily life. It is another Industrial Revolution. That is Singularity’s mission. Is this mission even possible? Look at andromeda supernovae….is it possible for a single star to outshine the entire galaxy with billions of stars? Yes, of course it is. Go ahead Singularity. Be the Andromeda Supernovae, outshine the entire galaxy.