Your One-Way Ticket Out of POC Purgatory

Does this sound familiar? 

Your company just started a POC with an IDP vendor. You hope it will take a month and achieve as close to 100% accuracy as possible. Fast forward eight months, thousands of samples and a team of data scientists later- your vendor still can’t break 70% accuracy. You’re tired, frustrated, and have just wasted precious time and money.  

Surprisingly, even in the age of modern tech, this scenario is all too common. Countless companies still turn to outdated IDP software, which is often just OCR and humans dressed up as bots. Further, such software requires thousands of samples and discouraging amounts of time, only to turn around mediocre results… at best. 

Enter Singularity Systems- We’re not your legacy IDP solution. Our platform, SingularityAI, has the unique capability to accurately train an AI model using less time and fewer samples than any other IDP technology, especially when it comes to semi-structured and unstructured data. Instead of putting in countless resources to solve merely one use case over a span of months, SingularityAI can utilize minimal resources to solve many use cases in a matter of days… YES, DAYS. This cost-effective approach helps customers save both time and money, thereby increasing productivity and boosting ROI. The unique ability to scale is largely due to our advanced IDP technology and a breakthrough called AI Pathfinder, which combines Computer Vision, proprietary OCR and NLP. Essentially, Computer Vision allows a system to visualize the document, NLP allows it to understand the document contextually, and OCR allows it to extract information accurately. Having these three elements working in tandem combined with Machine Learning is a key differentiator that sets SingularityAI apart from others. 

Through the SingularityAI platform, companies are given the power of dozens of data scientists without the actual need for any. It’s like shifting from a horse-drawn carriage to a Turbo Porsche. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can complete their daily tasks using the AI model’s assistance, while the model continuously learns, a major benefit to productivity. Lastly, customers can tackle complex automation use cases (e.g., classifying and extracting data from long, variable, unstructured documents) and achieve nearly 100% straight-through processing. In general, any data that a human can read, SingularityAI can make machine readable and useable. 

While these promises may sound too good to be true, Singularity Systems isn’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is. In fact, SingularityAI once again proved itself as the elite IDP software this past week. In our latest bake off, we competed with a well-known legacy IDP vendor to automate complex semi-structured invoices for a client. The results: 


Competitor X 

Time spent: Eight months 

Invoice samples required: Thousands 

Results: less than 70% accuracy (including post-processing) 



Time spent: Two days 

Invoice samples required: Six

Results: 99.8% accuracy 

A second portion of the bake off tested how well each vendor could handle new, untrained data. In this instance, Singularity was able to achieve 67% accuracy out of the gate with data never seen before. Meanwhile, our competitor was unable to extract a single field from any of this unseen data. Overall, the numbers speak for themselves. Our competitor, considered a leader in Intelligent Process Automation and OCR, doesn’t even come close to SingularityAI in terms of practicality, efficiency and accuracy. 

Ultimately, many companies are starting to see the inevitable: the old way of doing things is dead. If you want to remain competitive, then you must stay up to date on the latest tech. SingularityAI falls into this new wave of tech, pioneering AI techniques that have modernized and democratized IDP. Moreover, from recent accomplishments such as being named a “Hot Vendor for IDP” by HFS, being recognized as a “Star Performer” by Everest Group and outperforming a top competitor by a landslide in this recent bake off- it’s clear that Singularity Systems is in a league of our own.

We can deliver a POC in 2 weeks or less. We’re so confident in our capabilities, we’ll even do it for free. What do you have to lose? 

We’re not your Legacy OCR solution, we’re the next generation of Intelligent Document Processing and Intelligent Automation. It’s time to end POC Purgatory.